A few rogue elements in the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) have refused to allow the name of the noble institution to rest as their actions have continually brought the institution’s name into disrepute.

The latest to drag the GAF name through the mud is some soldiers who engaged in an unwarranted attack on a church, its pastor and other member and one of whom was incidentally a military soldier too.

The soldiers in question, led by one WO2 Anto Yaw  George of Base Ordinance Depot (BOD), Burma Camp, Accra and Cpl Kanor Daniel, Number 201814 of the Training and Doctoring Command, together with some civilians, had gone to the Amasaman Achiaman Estate church (name withheld) to look for a man they believed was in the church.

Their visit, our investigations have revealed, is in connection with a land case they have with the said man they were looking for.

Video of the incidence as it happened

Upon their arrival at the church, however, the man in question wasn’t present but the pastor offered to call him on his personal phone, only for WO2 Anto to launch his first attack by hitting the phone from his hand.

As though that wasn’t enough, a lady member of the church who happens to be a soldier too was slapped when she attempted to intervene by introducing herself to the rampaging WO2 and her team of men.

Not even her insistence that she was also a military person who works with the Armed Forces was enough to deter these persons.

Realizing the severity of the attacks, the pastor then called the Amasaman Divisional Police Command to report the case.

The vehicle used by WO2 Anto Yaw  George and his men

Upon realizing that the church had called for help from the police, the two soldiers and their civilian company attempted to run.

The church, however, averted their escape by blocking the roads until the police arrived to arrest the marauding party and took them to the Amasaman Police Division.

Our insiders at the Amasaman police station have informed us that while at the police station, the junior rank, Cpl Kanor, attempted another escape but was unsuccessful.

The case is currently under investigation at the Amasaman Police Division but the pastor in question has also informed the Military Police at Burma Camp about the conduct of WO2 Anto and his company of men, made up of soldiers and some civilians.