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We all know those women who can convince their husbands to do anything – they can actually make them do whatever they want. Meanwhile, some other women have no clue how to make their men do anything they want, and wonder how can some wives make their husbands happily do what they want. So keep on reading, as you might figure out some tips and tricks these smart women use to make their men do what they want.

1. Ask for what you want more than once.

Asking a man for what you want once won’t get you anywhere. You’ll tell him once and he’ll forget, because he probably was thinking about work or something else. So make sure you ask him more than once, to make sure he heard you. Your husband is not a bad person because he doesn’t listen all the time, he’s just a man, and men can only focus on one thing at a time.

2. Don’t fight or make an argument over what you want.

Let’s make this point clear, fighting and arguing with your husband will only make him say no to whatever you want him to do. Men hate problems and fighting, so asking for what you want in a nice way will eventually make your man do what you want.

3. Make him think that he came up with the idea.

Sometimes men can be really stubborn, they’d say no to whatever you want from them, just to tease you. So if your man is that kind of guy, then you’ll have to turn around things to make him think that he came up with this idea. If your man forgets really fast, then this way is the best to make him do whatever you want.

4. Show him how much you’re proud of him.

Men love it when we tell them how much we appreciate them, how much we’re proud of them and how much they’re important. So after a long day of showering your man with love and affection, we highly doubt he’ll say no to anything you’ll ask him to do.

5. Ask for what you want right after his favorite football team wins.

Want to catch your man in the best mood to ask him for something you want? Ask him after his favorite football team wins. He’ll be the happiest man alive, he’ll say yes to anything.

6. Meet him halfway.

The most important rule in any relationship is meeting halfway, you can’t have it your way all of the time neither can he. It’s all about giving and taking. So give your husband what he wants, in return of what you want. This way your life will be easier and happier.

7. Kisses and sex.

Hugs and kisses are your magical ticket to your husband’s approval for anything you want. Men love affection. And the easiest way to ask for what you want is right after sex, he’ll say yes to anything you want.