File photo: Gasmilla and Sarkodie
File photo: Gasmilla and Sarkodie

Ghanaian musician, Milla Odartei Lamptey, popularly known as Gasmilla, has described rapper Sarkodie as a smart musician who exploits talented up-and-coming musicians for his own benefit.

He explained that, anytime a musician hits the spotlight in Ghana, Sarkodie will offer himself for a collaboration and later ignore them.

Speaking in an interview with Abeiku Santana, Gasmilla said he is more talented and music-inclined than most of the A-list musicians in Ghana including Sarkodie but his dream is to take ‘Azonto’ to the world, hence the need to adhere to the genre.


“You know that when our brother sees an artiste making waves, he will collaborate with him and later drop him. Oh yeah, I’m talking about Sarkodie.

“I rap more than all of them, you see the music, I know the technicalities than all of them. I decided not to do the same mistake that Jay Q did where he shifted focus from the genre he was championing. I am taking ‘Azonto’ to the world.”

Meanwhile, Gasmilla, in what he termed as setting the records straight, has asked Sarkodie to refrain from saying he is the originator of ‘Azonto’ music.

This sprung up after Sarkodie joined hands with colleague rapper E.L in a quest to revive the dead ‘Azonto’ genre but according to Gasmilla, ‘Azonto’ has never been dead because he was holding the fort when everyone took an exit.