Madam Akua Donkor, the founder and leader of Ghana Freedom Party (GFP) says indecency among Ghanaian ladies today have eventually turned them into ‘tigers’ especially, those noted for skin bleaching.
According to her, it is very important for African women to maintain their natural beauty God has given them and not to copy wrongly with the view of looking like the whites.
“God would be excited if women appreciate what they have”. She said
“In the past, other race even appreciated the hairdo of Africans. Women hair was very beautiful and appreciable, but today, they all want to be like the Europeans. How can it be possible? She quizzed.
She also descended on women who have make skin bleaching their habit and condemned the act. “It doesn’t please God”. She cautioned.
Most ladies have taken to artificial nails as fashion and it is one of the commonest modes of dressing in Ghana but Madam Akua Donkor has condemned the act saying ladies must stop it.
“Most ladies of today wear fake nails as if they are ‘tigers’. Human beings have turned into tigers”.
According to her, young ladies of today are finding it difficult to marry because of how they dress in the society, adding that, men are now afraid of them, “They must change”. She added