Over the weekend, AMG signee, Medikal made a grand appearance on the Delay show where he talked at length about how it all started for him, the houses he built, his VGMAs 7-0 lost and more.

Well, many aren’t aware that the age difference between Medikal and his girlfriend/sugar mummy is 7 years, yep, you heard me right.

When asked how old he’s, he said, “I’m 25 and she is 32.” He disclosed all that on the Delay’s show as well.

Many also aren’t aware that Joey B was dating Sister Derbie but Medikal managed to snatch her away from Joey B. After Sister Derbie broke Joey B’s heart, then Joey B went to the studio to compose his UxMe song. Listen to the lyrics very well, then you will get the drift.

On whether he snatched Sister Derbie from Joey, Medikal responded,

“Oo no. Joey B and Sister deborah were just friends; they were actually not dating. I don’t know where you heard this from, but they were just mere friends with no strings attached, so i didn’t snatched her away from him at all.”

He continued, “Joey and I have been on several tours; we are still good friends regardless of the bad news people spread about us. Shouts to Joey B same way.”
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