Dear daddy, we were told you travelled. You told us you were going to come back. We spoke by phone almost every day. We told you to come and take us swimming and to play tennis and you said okay.

We have been waiting for that ice cream you promised us. We miss playing with you. We miss the dancing moves with mummy, and the laughter that fills our home when you are around.

We miss the Akosombo trip, we miss you coming for us from school and spending time with us before mummy comes. Daddy, we miss going to the Turkish restaurant with you alone to spend “boys boys” time.

We miss you chasing mummy around when she takes your meat from your food, and we miss eating together as a family. We miss you calling us to pray together and we miss you sitting us down to talk to us about life even as young as we are.

Daddy, anytime you were going out, you called us to tell us you would be back and that we should take good care of mummy and not stress her, and since you have kept long in coming, we assure you that we will take good care of mummy and not stress her out.

We really miss you and we are waiting to see you again. We love you very much and we know you love us because you cared for us and you always signed off your calls with “I Love You”.

To the world’s best and greatest daddy, we say we love you and we thank you for blessing us. You are simply irreplaceable.

With Love, from Jaden and Jerry.


  1. Hmmmmm,
    only God can help this boys Jaden and Jerry to forgo this unpleasant murder of their beloved father. Major i pay you all the respect.

  2. Oh God how I wish i can take the pain off everyone that face the big loss of the only major the hero of our country .no one can take it not even me.i congrats the wife of the late .and and the family.infant my prayer today was I wish God give me the power to wake the late up and bring back the joy of daddy saying to kids we go for swimming ice cream and laughing when mummy take off meat from daddy’s food I can’t stop crying with a painful totally disappointed in Ghanaian but I pray that let everyone that fill with this pain rest soon and soon but you will not been forgotten .the hero

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