Abrewa Nana

It has become common lately for some female musicians to gain attention and boost their careers by exposing some or a lot of skin, but Dancehall artiste Abrewa Nana is warning such artistes to focus on showing off their talent and not their bodies.

“It is the talent that will take you places and not exposing your body. I have seen a lot of talentless young female musicians rising to the top because they are always showing some flesh.

“My question is, what happens after that? No one takes you serious if you don’t have the talent,” Abrewa Nana told Showbiz in an interview last Thursday.

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According to her, the perception that sex sells is not always true, especially when it comes to doing music.

“I cannot force any female artiste to desist from exposing some part of their bodies in their music videos or in the way they dress, but the little I can do as a big sister is to say that it is not the best. Although we had a little nudity during our time, it’s becoming a common practice these days,” she said.

Away from nudity, Abrewa Nana, real name Dorcas Opoku Dakwa, who has been missing from the music scene for years, now says she is coming back in a big way.

“As a musician, you need a break in your career to re-organise yourself and come back big. As we talk now, I am done with about eight singles that feature Samini, Ayesem and a couple of other great artistes,” she revealed.

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Although she has not been active on the music scene, Abrewa Nana, who has songs such as ‘Odo Fila’, ‘Esisi Woso’, ‘Sika’ and ‘Wa Rushi’, said no artiste had been able to take her place because she was original.

“Abrewa Nana still reigns because she is original and not a photocopy of other musicians. I write my own songs and I do me. I am not told to sound like someone or asked to behave in a certain way to achieve what I want. I do me and this is why I am the best in what I do,” she said.

Abrewa Nana, who has three albums to her credit, is also a dancer and has earned praise for her well-choreographed music videos. She has shared the stage with international artistes such as Akon, 2Face (Tubaba) and Tony Tetuila.

Source: Graphic Showbiz