dead dolphins washed ashore coasts
Dead dolphins washed ashore coasts

Some 60 dead dolphins have been washed ashore at Brawire beach, a suburb of Upper Axim Traditional Area of the Nzema East Municipality.

According to reports, these dead dolphins were believed to have swallowed some unknown poisonous substances.

This follows a similar incident at the shores of Osu beach, where some dolphins also suspected to be poisoned were found at the edge of the coast.

Although the cause of death is unknown, the chiefs and people of Axim Brewire have called on the relevant stakeholders to investigate the current situation immediately to determine the cause of the problem and prevent any further occurrences of that nature.

Meanwhile, some residents in the Western regional village of Brawire near Axim have cut into pieces seven dolphins that were washed ashore dead and sold them off to fishmongers.

A witness, Raphael Eshun, who was in the community told JoyNews that the residents of the community cashed in on the incident by selling off pieces of the dolphins, even before health workers arrived at the scene.

“I saw more of the dolphins close to the seashore and I think more of them would be washed ashore today and tomorrow. The dolphins are so many that they have changed the colour of the seawater in the area,” he narrated.

The Korle Klottey Municipal Assembly has, however, cautioned members of the general public against consuming fish washed to the shores of some beaches in Accra on Friday, April 2.

Speaking to JoyNews, the Municipal Chief Executive, Nii Adjei Tawiah, said that his team noticed that some dolphins had been washed ashore at the Osu beach during a patrol to ensure the Covid-19 safety protocols were being adhered to.

Initially, he said that they thought the fish was likely from a big fish trawler offloading unto the sea, and were not bothered until they noticed something different about the fish.

“Those that were around picked a few of them. But this continued the whole of yesterday and we still didn’t see anything wrong until this morning (Saturday) when we realised this is very strange and we need to look into it.

“By mid-morning, the colour of some of them started changing. We have also noticed that even when you cut them, the insides look like glue. So we suspect there is something wrong,” he said.

Authorities and stakeholders responsible for the fisheries sector are yet to address the incident of dead sea creatures washed ashore at some coasts in the southern part of the country.