Below is a full transcript of what Nyantakyi told undercover investigators who posed as investors:

“You wanted to know how I will receive the money and transmit to the President. I have a Microfinance company. So you can move the entire $12m through it.

Like I indicated I will share the money by giving $5m to the President,$3m to the Vice President. The Highways Minister will get $2m .

My boy,Anthony Karbo will take $1m.Myself and Abu, will share the $1m.
I will settle Asseso Boakye.

I will arrange a private meeting between you and the President.
Look,the President sold a lot of properties before winning the election.
He needs money.

All his brothers are complaining that they don’t have money.
The $5m will greatly help the President.

Assenso Boakye tells me the President is in Qatar,I will speak to him if we can meet him there.”
Kwesi Nyantakyi speaking to the ‘investors’.
Tomorrow will settle everything

“I know that the Chinese money is coming.It is about $2bn.I have spoken to Anthony Karbo.
He has assured me that even though the Chinese will be doing the construction of the bridges in the northern part of Ghana,the stones and chippings alone can bring about $100m.

So Anthony Karbo wants us to establish a Ghanaian company.
Anthony Karbo also advised that we must make Ken Agyapong a shareholder.
Ken does not fear anyone.

Once we have him on our side,we will have our peace of mind.
Nobody will fight us.”

Kwesi Nyantakyi speaking to the ‘investors’.
He wasn’t talking for nothing.