Some female teachers who accept posting to rural Ghana after undergoing training have to be in amorous relationships with some opinion leaders and some village chiefs in the communities to survive.
Teachers who refuse these sexual advances have no option than to possibly starve or lose the passion for the job for which they are posted into the community.
The teachers, it has been revealed are enticed with foodstuffs and bush meat into accepting to be in amorous relationship with the village champions due largely to the failure of government to provide the needs of the teachers when posted.
This situation has caused many young female teachers to refuse postings to rural Ghana after school, a situation which calls for urgent attention.
First National Trustee of the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) Madam Victoria Affram confirmed on Adom FM’s Morning Show, ‘Dwaso Nsem’ that the teachers become vulnerable because government fail to take care of them after they have been posted.
She said, because government don’t pay newly posted teachers on time, the vulnerable female teacher have to go through this in the village while others who can’t cope with the situation do not go at all.
Madam Victoria Affram called on government to ensure prompt payment of salaries to newly posted teachers in rural Ghana to curb the situation.
“They are not given T and T and when they go to the village, they are accommodated by opinion leaders in the community who later make love proposals to them…many become pregnant later, are forced to become the 2nd and 3rd wives of the opinion leaders and lose their respect as role models for the young girls…,” she said.
Madam Victoria Affram who said this forms part of the main reasons for some female teachers denying posting to rural areas called on government to build teaching quarters to accommodate teachers.
Young male teachers, she said also become drunkards because of the lack of facilities in the rural areas.
To her, until the government works to rectify all of these, newly trained teachers would continue to deny posting to rural areas.
She proposed that newly posted female teachers must be given salary advance so that they do not confront these challenges that will put them at the mercy of the unbridled libido of some of opinion leaders who take undue advantage of them.
“Some of these female teachers have no places to sleep…it is that bad that some even sleep on mats. In the end the teachers who are supposed to be role models turn out to do the reverse of what they are supposed to advise the teachers against”, she said.
“GNAT has taken note of their problems and after sometime we give bursaries to these teachers in order to avert a recurrence of these practices.
“It is not that they are interested in profligate lifestyles, the fact is that they are hungry and need to survive in order to discharge their duties as teachers in the schools they have been posted to which results in some of these unfortunate behaviours”, she explained.
Listen to Madam Victoria Affram speaking to Kaba


  1. This is not because they were posted to rural areas. Those posted to the cities equally go through difficulies when not receiving their salary… This has nothing to do with location… The gov’t must ensure prompt payment of ALL newly posted workers.

  2. I don’t side with this view. Psychologically the environment in which you find yourself becomes your second home and you will be automatically adjusted to it. You may not see your old friends and will thus form a new one which is coupled with a new relationship. From time immemorial public workers mostly marry from the place where they are given as their first station. After all do the financial supporters of newly posted staffs die as soon as they are posted?

  3. Hahaha! Otwe sr3 ankasaa? Anyway, Madam has said all! And it’s really fact of what she’s saying. The government should see if all this infrastructure availability before posting the teachers there to the villages. I come from such place so I understood the situation.

  4. This s not true because they are not the people suffering those in cities to go through the same thing. Unless they just want to flirt. You dont expect that you should be paid as soon as possible. That is why they trained. So she should give us a break!!!! Will you advise your daughter to do that?

  5. and instead of michael insowah(or whatever his name is)and his cohorts to genuinely help to correct this,they’re selfishly and greedily pushing for the useless licensing of teachers ’cause of what?japan have given them some grant??mtcheeeeewww!!nation wreckers in disguise!!!!

  6. Comment:This has nothing to do with their locations at all because if they are posted to such places then “who will go there”.
    The government should as a matter of urgency put measures in place to take care of the salaries of newly posted teachers.

  7. Gozah
    I think what madam has revealed has been misconstrued by some colleagues of the noble profession.She made mention of the fact that those in the cities too are being confronted with this canker.
    Nonetheless, I believe we as teachers must agree with madam so that we can have a common front to deal with this challenge diplomatically.

  8. Well said. I think the government has a lot on its mind and as citizens we should look at a way out ourselves. I had opportunity to speak with some teachers and the situation is really bad. GNAT starts deduction from this newly paid teachers. I think they can arrange a financial facility with the banks for these new teachers whiles they wait for the government to start paying them. Parents and guardians should still support their wards during this period till get their first salary.

  9. I believe is the attitude of some of those ladies before they were posted to those villages. Even looking at the dresses of some female teachers, no one would tell you they are uncultured. However, government must endeavour to always provide all workers with Good structures and conditions of service especially those at the villages.

  10. Everybody Has A Point But I Have A Kingdom Solution. If My Hometown Ghanaians, My Country Africa Will Allow Me To Speak Freely On all Issues Without Fear Or Favor. Please Am Waiting For Your Response. Thank You. By Kwabena KASA

  11. Comment:disability Is Not Inability And I Think That Is An Attitude Of Such Female Teachers.Financial Constrains Should Not Force Any Of Our Female Teachers To Err.

  12. Comment: The female teaches don’t posted to the rural areas actually to teach but for sex. perceive their dresses standing infront of students this, means that they actually posted for sex. Because of this, that is why female students always get pregnant in the school. Female teaches must be careful. They posted to teach not to sex.

  13. I am very disappointed when l held this, my question here is that those areas which we were talking about do they have PTA in the schools because in my village before they will posted any teacher to the place the headmaster will inform the PTA so before the teacher will come they has already make that arrangement before he/ she will be at the place. So if you fine any teacher dating it is her choice.

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