In a case that has sparked controversies in Zimbabwe, a woman is reported to have mysteriously lost her voice just moments before she was supposed to testify at a High Court.

Words failed the distraught woman when it was time to give testimony in trial against her daughter’s alleged rapist.

The woman could only sob and gesture as she hopelessly tried to explain what had happened to her.

The video of the mother wailing uncontrollably at the courts was shared by the lifestyle tabloid H-Metro.

Woman loses her voice before giving testimony in court Credit: Twitter/H-Metro/Lee Maidza]

She could be seen making frantic attempts to talk, and sobbed louder upon realising she failed.

After the video was shared online, some netizens who were present at the court commented on how she fell multiple times in court before the judge called for their hearing.

The video has since generated mixed reactions on social media with netizens suggesting the court uses other means of communication like a pen and paper.