Actress Rosemond Brown has indicated that Shatta Mitchy has no problems with her asking her to leave the Dancehall King, Shatta Wale so that she takes over.
Rosemond Brown in one of her numerous videos on social media asked Shatta Mitchy to leave Shatta Wale so she comes in to take her place as the Queen of the Shatta Movement empire.
This video courted for her several insults on several social media platforms and especially followers of Shatta Mitchy.
But reacting to the Insults in another video on Instagram, Rosemond Brown indicated that Shatta Wale has no problems with whatever she does with his name.
She added that “Shatta Mitchy is my mum. I love her and she loves me so stop throwing those negative things you are throwing at me”.
Meanwhile, Shatta Mitchy and Shatta Wale are currently facing crisis in their relationship.