Private Legal Practitioner, Dr Maurice Ampaw, sharing his thoughts on the BBC Africa Eye’s ‘Sex for Grades’ documentary, has claimed the canker was once rampant at the Ghana School of Law and caused many students to fail their exam.

According to him, some students gave in to the pressures from some lecturers in order not to fail their exam.

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He said “Sex for Grades was phenomenal at the Ghana School of Law and the faculties and because failing two papers called for repetition, most female students gave in to lecturers who threatened to fail them and I know a lady who is a now a judge who slept with her lecturer.”

Speaking in an interview on Adom TV’s Badwam show, Dr Ampaw said the phenomenon compelled the General Legal Council to take strict measures in dealing with it.

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“The General Legal Council because of ‘Sex for Grades’ had to set up an independent body that sets and marks the exam papers withdrawing that power from lectures,” he said.

He added: “A female student once petitioned the General Legal Council that she was being harassed by her lecturers.”