Helmeted police with riot gears and loaded guns on Sunday dawn raided houses at Sakasaka in Tamale in search of stolen items.
The search lasted for many minutes and three persons were taken away to aid investigations, Northern regional police Spokesman, ASP Mohammed Tanko confirmed.
Residents who witnessed the arrival of the heavily armed security operatives with about six vehicles earlier told StarrNews the raid was in search for arms allegedly stockpiled by a gang in the overcrowded suburb who engaged in cyber theft (Sakawa).
But police contradicted, saying they searched the properties following a tip off that a gang engaging in coordinated crimes was hiding stash of stolen goods including mobile phones and electric appliances.
“Our information was that some criminals do steal things like phones, home appliances, and we learned they are hidden in those houses but when we went we couldn’t find it”, ASP Tanko explained to StarrNews.
The operation is suspected to be part of wider investigation into reports of increasing gang attacks on properties of residents of a city where cyber fraud is rapidly becoming a legitimate venture with many parents encouraging their children into “Sakawa”.
Locals said the police surrounded about four houses near the local police station in the area whiles some of targets were asleep and carried out the vigorous search before arresting the three individuals.
Some residents also confirmed the houses targeted had individuals with suspicions dealings.
No item was retrieved from the search and the destined individuals were yet to be charged, the police public relations officer added.