Host of Peace FM’s flagship programme “Kokrokoo”, Kwami Sefa Kayi has condemned comments by the General Secretary of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) Johnson Asiedu Nketia over the lynching of the late Captain Maxwell Mahama.

The NDC General Secretary, popularly called General Mosquito, speaking to Asempa FM noted that the horrifying murder happened “under the direct supervision of President Akufo-Addo”.

He stressed that ever since the Mahama administration handed over a “peaceful Ghana” to President Nana Akufo-Addo, the country has “known no peace”.

“From the beating up of a serving police officer at the Flagstaff House to the beating up of a Regional Security Co-ordinator, the disruption of a court process, the burning of toll booths, and the molestation of civil servants, the lawless culture of impunity has now reached the doorstep of the Ghana Armed Forces…The State has watched and sponsored its goon squads to unleash wanton mayhem on innocent Ghanaians…This is highly unacceptable Mr. President” he stated emphatically.

Addressing General Mosquito’s statements regarding the incident, Mr. Sefa Kayi was utterly shocked that he (Asiedu Nketia) would “play politics” with a sensitive issue as the murder of the late Military Captain.

He described the comments as very “shameful and irresponsible” and further questioned General Mosquito whether he would have sought to score political points with the issue if the deceased happened to his child.

The seasoned broadcaster also condemned the recent practice of people capturing graphic scenes or others in distress with their handsets and sharing it later on social media.

He advised the general public to cease circulating pictures and videos of the sordid act since it is disrespectful to the family of the deceased Army Captain to see the video online.

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  1. Politics aside,is Aseidu wrong with the state in which we are today?Whhere is the competence that was promised to the people,Simple tell the President to wake up from his slump.We need action.Dont forget about your constant criticism and the medias about the previous administration.

      • who is more disgracing after making dubious promises in quest of political power,gentle man if u aint ready to call a spade a spade,just shut up.

    • Massa what are you talking about? Are you for real? You just said politics aside and you are still talking politics. That dude is sooo wrong to answer your question. “Yes”, what happened to the captain was utterly wrong and inhumane to say the least but hey, how can you remotely tie this to the amazing work the president is doing now. What more action do you need.

    • Mr shanunu do u please understand what Mr.Sefa kayi said?go over again n do some correction about ur comment u don’t have to politicized this sad issue n as for that Asiedu Nketia his propaganda won’t favor him anywhere shame on u n General mosquito hoooo

    • Don’t think that man of urs is among of the sensible men in Ghana. Especially leaders wake him up and let’s him behave well, he is grown now coz Ghanaian youth are grown now to lambust his comments. aaaaahba!

    • Can you tell us any particular role Akuffo Addo could have done to stop this murder?
      Oop! Ghana is dead, everything politics, Asiedu Nketia is a total disgrace to Ghana. It hurts to imagine that this man was once a leader of a ruling government in .

    • Are u serious? Hasn’t there been similar mob actions like this in the country? Wat did his government do about it or it involved civilians so it was kool? Lets not blame the government but rather our own people for their insensitivity. We are expected to report cases tto the police n not take the law into our own hhands . Its not NPP NDC issue

  2. Kayi, am sure your mind is depleting. It’s better you behave as a responsible journalist or presenter rather. Offer solution to the issue and stop spending time on the comments of people like Nketiah. We wants answers and not debate.

  3. Please lets not use this as political issue and go straight to the fact okay..cos its a said thing and the president himself has not felt good and wants the all the culprits to face the law court.

  4. Such impunity. Am beginning to have less fate in our so called elders.How can the murder of a person turn to political errors.Am ashamed with the general secretary for NDC. Wasn’t the NDC on power when J.B Danquah was murdered in his home? What kind of baseless argument is that?

  5. With all due respect to Mr. President, the state of this nation currently is not at peace with itself and the living within. None of what happened to Captain Mahama can be justified by any political talk irrespective of how you put it across. It’s heart wrenching however to listen to and watch an honorable D.C.E from NPP and a Whole General Secretary of the biggest option party who knows the length and breadth when we talk about politics in Ghana talk this way about this matter. Awwww…hmmm…

  6. Did i just read “ever since the Mahama administration handed over a “peaceful Ghana” to President Nana Akufo-Addo, the country has “known no peace”.
    I’m sure Johnson wouldn’t have said that if the NDC was in power..


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