The School Feeding programme risks collapse in some parts of the Northern Region as there is constant decline in both the quantity and quality of food served beneficiaries of the programme.
Students of Kalbutabu R/C, Nkalingbani R/C and Tochedo D/A primary in the Tatale-Sangule District of the Northern region are therefore calling on government to immediately rectify challenges which have resulted in the collapse of the programme in these schools and the district at large.
Adom News checks in the Northern Region reveal that, the programme in the region has been faced with so many challenges not only in the Tatale-Sanguli district but in all the rural districts of the region, as a result of improper supervision.
About a month ago, Adom News reported that pupils of Sisipe D/A Primary, a school in the region, were been fed with boiled maize by the caterer who has been assigned to the school under the School Feeding Programme.
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According to the students of Kalbutabu R/C Primary school, for the past two weeks, they have not been fed thereby affecting their studies.
Some of the students who spoke to Adom News indicated that, the school feeding programme is their only source of survival in school.
According to them, they go to school early in the morning on empty stomach and without money with the hope of being provided food at school.
Tikayi Mecy, a primary school pupil of the school revealed that, she walks a mile and half to get to school. A collapse of the school feeding program in the area and her school to be precise will greatly affect her education.
“I will have to walk a mile and half home to eat and come back to class. To be honest with you, I can’t embark on such a journey home and back to school. That will mean that I will have to close from school before lunch and that isn’t good for my future”, she said.
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She further revealed that, the food served them is not enough and not regular.
According to the students, they are only served food on Monday to Thursday, meaning they are not fed on Fridays.
A teacher in charge of the school feeding program in the Kalbutabu R/C Primary School, Suhuyini M. Ebenezer said teaching and learning has been affected greatly due to the challenges affecting the school feeding program in the school.
He added that, the school is compelled to close at 12 noon instead of the normal time. This he said is due to students not being fed.
According to him, the collapsing school feeding program in the district is due to shortage of food items.
He added that the school has not received supply of food items for the past two weeks making it impossible for them to prepare food for the students, affecting education in the area as most of the students are dropping out of school, especially the KG pupils.
Meanwhile the Regional Coordinator for the school feeding program, Madam Felicia Tetteh told Adom News she is not aware of such problems but promised to investigate and fix the problem.