Schools and hospitals in the Tetegu community have been shut down as the flood that plagued communities in the Ga South municipality is yet to recede.

JoyNews checks on the ground indicate that schools in the Tetegu community have all been flooded with some compounds looking like a ‘river’.

Also, hospitals in Tetegu have begun referring cases to other major hospitals in Accra due to the flood.

“This is the first time. This facility has been here for some time and we have never experienced anything like this. Normally, when it rains, we get the gutters choked and all that but water coming into the facility, this is the first time.

“All the cases had to be referred immediately we saw the water coming in. We referred the cases to Accra and other facilities so currently there is no one in the facility,” the hospital facility manager told JoyNews.

There is currently a power outage in all communities which have been affected by the flood with no sign of the water receding.

Some ECG transformers have almost been submerged which makes it impossible for power to be restored anytime soon.

JoyNews’ Maxwell Agbagba reports that the rescue team has since yesterday been in the community to rescue affected residents.

The Municipal Security Council has also held a meeting to bring some relief to the people.

On Monday, scores of residents in the Ga South Municipality of the Greater Accra Region were displaced with several others trapped in their homes as Ashalaja, Weija, Oblogo and Tetegu areas flooded.

The residents described it as a crisis situation as many homes have nearly been submerged. Some have had to use canoes to avoid drowning.

According to them, the flood is a result of an overflow of the Weija dam.

Subsequently, a joint team of Military and the National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO) personnel were deployed on a rescue mission to the Ga South Municipality of the Greater Accra Region.

The personnel from NADMO and the Ghana Armed Forces transported the trapped victims with canoes to safety.

The Ga South Municipal NADMO Director, Christian Afiadenyo, said over 1,000 people have been displaced.

He appealed for pickup vehicles to transport the victims to safety.

“We have no mattresses or even food to give to the people we have rescued so far. The situation is getting out of hand and we need help immediately,” the worried NADMO Director said.