The Municipal Chief Executive nominee of Savelugu/Nanton Municipality of the Northern region Hajia Ayishatu Seidu has been confirmed under heavy security guard after the youth said they don’t want her to be confirmed as Municipal Chief Executive in the area.

The youth earlier vandalized some party properties including billboard for the party after President Akufo-Addo nominated Hajia Ayishatu Saidu as Municipal Chief Executive for Savelugu/Nanto Municipality.

Military and police had warned the youth on Friday evening after they issued Press statement to resist electoral fraud and manipulations and vowed to attack the electoral college, raising tensions in the municipality which has history of political violence.

Hajia Ayishatu Saidu confirmation witnessed heavy security presence as the youth came prepared to cause chaos.

After the vote Hajia Ayishetu got 50 out of 64 vote, representing 78.13 per cent of the total votes with 14 voting against her.

Hajia Ayishetu Seidu was sworn into office by the Northern Regional Minister Salifu Saeed.

Hon Saeed cautioned her to open her doors and welcome all persons in her administration no matter their political affiliation.

“The president has asked me to tell you that from today, you represent the entire Municipality, open your doors to everybody whether government officials or opposition members. Listen to their views and collectively take decisions, decisions should not be my say is final but everybody’s view”.

The new Municipal Chief Executive Hajia Ayishatu Seidu accepted the position and thank all his supporters and pledged to work with the constituents to ensure that  President message of hope will seen in the Municipality.

“The rain that fell right after my confirmation signifies that I come in peace, I thank all that supported me after my nomination and I pledge to work in conformity and unity with the constituents to ensure the message of hope by the president is seen in the Savelugu/Nanton Municipality.”