Self-acclaimed landlord of Ghana’s music industry, Sarkodie, has drops heavy punches on his arch rival Shatta Wale in a latest song.

Sarkodie, addressing the toxicity in the industry on a collaboration with Kumerica’s Jay Bahd titled ‘Hate’, rapped about how he is miles ahead of you-know-who, hence he deserves respect on his brand.

He added in the scathing lyrical assault that they aren’t and will never be the same as Shatta dwells on fame and hype, while he, Sarkodie, focuses on the business facet of music.

Sarkodie slammed Shatta for being too hungry for attention, hence the reason he has constant public outbursts.

A verse that has attracted buzz from the song was Sarkodie describing Shatta as an old-looking man, yet in his prime.

Due to his loudmouth, Sarkodie believes Shatta will never earn respect from the masses.

He dared every tenant who wants to compete with him to be steady, as he is poised to evict all competitors in the game.

Watch the video below: