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SA celeb holds funeral for his dog in grand style [Videos]


Radio and television personality Moshe Ndiki is devastated by the loss of his first pup Sugar Ndiki.

Sugar, who became part of the Ndiki family in 2018, died earlier this month.

Ndiki revealed in an emotional Facebook post that his beloved pomeranian pup had died.

He wrote: “I also just lost my Puppy this evening I’ve honestly never thought ngzoke ngikhalele Inja ( I would cry so much for a dog) but uNcane earned a special place in my heart.”

In another post, the “Gomora” actor expressed his heartbreak, stating that he is absolutely “shattered” over the loss of his furkid.

“I’ve been going through the most the past 2 days, trying to put it aside just for me to work and we’ll just work and saying to myself I’ll grieve on Sunday, baby I love you you so much much @sugarndiki.

“I love you and hope the other side treats you well, glad to have loved you, known you and been your dad and mom ♥️” shared Ndiki.

He continued: “So many many memories, you’ve been my 1st born and what a pity you couldn’t meet your sibling, I’m shattered and I’m asking myself ndiyintoni ngaphandle (kwakho Sugar, I love you sana lwam ♥️”

He added that his beloved pup will have a befitting send-off.

True to his word, Ndiki hosted a private memorial and funeral service for Sugar at his Joburg home, surrounded by family and close friends. The ceremony was also live streamed on Ndiki’s social media platforms.

The white-themed funeral saw the location neatly decorated with balloons and luxurious decorations and seats for guests.

While there wasn’t a casket, flowers and candles were placed in front of a portrait of Sugar. The white pathway leading to Sugar’s portrait at the front was lined with clear plastic chairs.

As with any other funeral, there was a programme and guests each received a pamphlet featuring some of Moshe and Sugar’s special moments together.

Guests also attended a ‘after-tears’ party following the funeral.

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