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Rlg CEO Agambire declared wanted

The Group Chairman of Rlg Communications, Roland Agambire, has been declared wanted by the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA), the national tax regulatory agency for defaulting tax obligations.

The National Coordinator for the Task Force at the GRA, Henry Sam, explained that all attempts to reach Mr Agambire to live up to his tax obligations proved futile.

Mr Agambire has been at the centre of tax default with one of his subsidiary companies, ACI Construction Company Limited, defaulting to a tune of GHC14,312,974.19 within a period of one year.

ACI is among some 14 delinquent taxpaying companies within Accra and Kumasi earmarked for distress action owing to a total of GHC63,091,370.71.

In the meantime, the premises of the RLG has been attached and has up to 14 days to fulfill his tax payment failure upon which the facility will be auctioned to defray the cost.

Henry Sam explained that under Section 34 of the VAT Act, Act 546, and Section 136 of the Internal Revenue Act, when a property is sealed, owners have 14 days within which to pay up.

“We have locked the place but it is not the end, the final determination is that we will auction the property if the company fails to pay within the 14 days”, he explained.

Eagle Star Limited and Logistics Support Services Limited, a company located in Abelemkpe have also had their premises attached for defaulting in taxes to a tune GHC607,175.30 within a period of 2 years and GHC467,779.54 for a year, respectively.

The National Communication Backbone (NCB) Company, an affiliate of Vodafone Ghana, which was part of the companies earmarked for distress actions following its default in taxes to an amount of over GHC30,000,000, was, however, spared

This followed a request by the management of NCB to pay GHC90,000,081, being 30 percent of the amount in default, by the end of yesterday.

Mr Sam implored all institutions, especially delinquent taxpayers, to voluntarily comply with tax laws.