Rex Omar, Ghanaian highlife artist

Rex Omar of Da da di da fame has won a case he brought before a High Court in Koforidua in which he sued alcoholic beverage-producing company, Joy Dadi industries Limited.

Joy Dadi has, therefore, been slapped with GHS 230,000 in cost and damages to the musician, Rex Omar who doubles as the Chairman of the Ghana Music Rights Organisation (GHAMRO), has confirmed to via a telephone interview.

The damage was awarded against the company for using portions of Rex Omar’s song Da da di da in their Joy Dadi Bitters adverts without his permission and in a breach of his copyright.

The GHAMRO chairman said in spite of attempts on the part of Joy Dadi Industries to settle the matter out of court, he did not agree because he wanted the outcome of the case to set the for industry standards regarding Intellectual Property (IP) rights.


Rex Omar sued Joy Industries limited on June 15, 2015 for using his song to advertise their product without his authorization, saying it thus infringes on his copyrights.