President John Mahama has purchased vehicles for certain ‘senior journalists’ in the country, host of Accra-based Montie FM, Salifu Maase, also known as Mugabe has revealed.

The radio presenter who is sympathetic to the cause of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) claimed on the Wednesday October 26, 2016 edition of his show, Pampaso, that the President bought the vehicles for the unnamed senior journalists with the anticipation that they would help further the cause of the President and the NDC.

“You have been buying vehicles for the senior journalists, and even after driving in them, they still insult you, the so-called senior journalists…,” he claimed during a rant on his show.

The revelation by the fire brand presenter adds to rumours that certain journalists in the country have been given vehicles, specifically V8s by the ruling party to do all in their power to shape public discourse to favour the NDC.

However, Mugabe claimed that these ‘so-called senior journalists’ after taking delivery of the four wheeled gift from the presidency have refused to do the bidding of the President and the NDC but have instead gone to town lambasting the government.

He added that the stations belonging to the Network Broadcasting Limited including Radio Gold, Gold TV and Muntie FM which have been doing the bidding of the NDC do not also receive adverts from the government to keep them running.

Mugabe claimed elements in the government prefer to give government adverts to press houses perceived to be pro-opposition at the expense of Radio Gold, Montie FM and TV Gold.

“When the power leaves you then you will know the true power of the people, no radio adverts and no TV adverts for us .Keep giving adverts to the senior journalists”, he shouted.

President Mahama during a recent interview with the Ovation Magazine blamed a certain cabal in the media for failing to tout his achievements.

Mugabe who was recently jailed for criminal contempt by the Supreme Court, also accused the NDC of neglecting him and the two others who were jailed for pursuing an NDC agenda. 

According to the presenter, he, Ako Gunn and Alistair Nelson have been neglected by the leadership of the ruling party after their return from prison.

“Some people think the Montie 3 upon our return from prison have been well taken care of and compensated, some even believe we have been given mansions, but I am telling you that we have not received anything from the government…,” he said.

The man who is hailed by the NDC for always attacking the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and its flagbearer on his show said the three ex-convicts are not the only ones who have been neglected by the NDC.

He therefore warned that ‘a day is coming that when you tune in to this station, you would not be hearing my voice again…my job is a risky one and you the ministers and the government appointees, you can’t do it…,” he threatened.

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