The Founder and Leader of the Heavens Gate Ministry, Prophet Nicholas Osei, popularly known as ‘Kumchacha’ and renowned traditional priest, Nana Kwaku Bonsam are always at each others throat.
The ‘man of God’ and the traditional priest on one occasion met at the studios of Adom FM and nearly exchanged blows during a heated interview with Jerry Justice on the Drive Time.
He said at the time that the action forms part of measures to convert the internationally acclaimed traditional priest to Christianity after several years of preaching against idol worship.
“…I have preached against idol worship for several years and he is not heading to calls to repent, so I would have beaten him for him to repent there and then when we met at Adom FM….,” he said.

Two years after that crucial bout at the studios of Adom FM, Prophet Kumchacha appeared on Accra-based Atinka FM threatening to beat the traditional priest again.
In the video provided below, Kumchacha give quotations to back why he would physically assault Nana Kwaku Bonsam as part of the processes to converting him to Christianity.

The continuous exchanges between the servant of God and the gods has led many to wonder why they are always fighting one another.
“Why would two grown ups always exchange words publicly in defence of their faith and beliefs and even threaten to beat one another up…,” many have wondered.
In an exclusive interview with Kofi Adoma Nwanwanii of Adom FM, Kumchacha explains the secrets behind their feud.
Watch Kumchacha reveal the secrets between the two in the video below: