Maverick Brong Ahafo Regional Youth Organiser of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Mr Kwame Baffoe a.k.a Abronye DC is warning past government officials to return vehicles in their possession or be struck by thunder.

The controversial party leader, who has gained notoriety in invoking curses, is promising to consult a thunder deity in the coming days to do the magic if appointees in the past National Democratic Congress (NDC) government are failing to adhere to calls from the Chief of Staff Akosua Frema Osei Opare.

Government last week revealed that out of a list of 707 vehicles given to the transition team, 406 had been found, 301 missing, 67 found but not listed and 234 vehicles still missing.

But Abronye insists some government officials in the past administration are still hoarding the vehicles and will therefore resort to invoking curses as the last resort to retrieving the vehicles.

“We will not sit down and allow them to keep such vehicles again. I will invoke curses and let thunder strike anyone who is keeping a vehicle…..In your own interest I urge anyone keeping a vehicle that belongs to the state to immediately return it. At least most of you know me and know that I am good at invoking curses. We are not joking about this at all”, he said.

Abronye DC, since February this year has on his own volition assumed the position of the ‘Director’ of assets confiscation taskforce charged by the Chief of Staff to retrieve all state properties in possession of past government officials.

He claims he does not need official communication to that effect and will henceforth act in that capacity to facilitate the mandate of the group that was assigned the state role last week.

“I ensure that I take every single property and return to the government for Nana Addo rule the country in line with the party’s manifesto”, he said.

Source: mynewsgh