Retired referee and National Vice Chairman of Referees Association of Ghana, Joe Debrah, has blamed the Ghana Football Association (GFA) for their inadequacy to presented clear video evidence for purported bad officiating by some match officials.
Poor Officiating has become a major issue of contention in football fraternity which is gradually derailing the progress of the local league.
In an interview with Accra based radio station, Rainbow Radio, Debrah highlighted their inability to ascertain clips from games that would make them proactive in their disciplinary adjudication.
He said: “What I want to say is that the GFA has disappointed the referees, the clips they show everyday always puts the referees in a compromising situation and are always controversial that even if the referee is wrong, it is very difficult to either incriminate or exonerate the referee.
“The clips are always dicey that its difficult to tell whether the referee is right or wrong.So I think the next time we start, the GFA should place the camera in a way that if the referee is wrong, we can all see it clearly and give the proper judgement.”
He added: I’m not supporting any referee though but I just want the right thing to be done because most of the clips I see leaves me in doubt and that makes it difficult to give your views or thoughts about it. But in all I think the GFA has let us down.”


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