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Reasons why you need to have a car before having a wedding



Most people often think owning a car is just a way of trying to prove one is a big boy and sophisticated than others, but car owners are usually the ones who can tell why owning a car goes beyond the luxury aspect and why it is more of a necessity.

Today, we’ll be talking about 5 reasons why one needs to have a car before having a wedding.

  1. For ease of movement

After the wedding, it is common for Nigerian couples to go greet family and friends who lent them support which made their wedding a wonderful day filled with memories. However, most couples are unable to do this, not because they are ungrateful but because they don’t have a car to make movement easy for them. In a city like Lagos, it is usually inconvenient moving around because of terrible traffic. However, when a couple has a car of its own, the traffic won’t bother them much because they will be in the comfort of their car and not inside a dirty looking Danfo commercial bus.

2. For prestige

people don’t find it prestigious going to an occasion dressed in the
same attire with their partner when it’s public transportation that will
see them to the venue. Imagine attending a wedding ceremony of a
colleague who attended yours where you and your wife had to walk from
the bus stop to the venue which other guests simply drove down to. The
heat from the stress is enough to wash off the makeup from the face of
one’s wife.

3. In case of emergency

neighborhood some people live in have no public means of transportation
from their house to the bus stop. They have to walk some distance
before they can get public transportation. What if one’s pregnant wife
suddenly goes into labour especially in the middle of the night and you
have to take her to a local hospital? Owning a car at such time would be
a thing of joy.

4. For status upgrade

Owning a car is
something most contractors and self employed people don’t joke with
because it gives them a status that makes them win contracts. They don’t
joke with it because they know it gives them an appearance that earns
them respect from companies they submit proposals to. The car doesn’t
necessarily have to be expensive but something neat enough to portray an
image good enough to win contracts so as to be able to provide for
their family.

5. For personal safety
Driving yourself is
better than placing your life in the hands of a commercial driver who
might be driving under the influence. One is also prevented from falling
victim of popular One Chance Robbers who Rob passengers in commercial
buses and sometimes use them for ritual

Well, we hope the above
points are enough to convince someone on why they need a car before
their wedding. However, some might think getting a brand new car is
quite expensive. One of the way out is by getting a fairly used car, a
tokubo or a brand new car via vehicle acquisition scheme.

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