Former President of Ghana Flt. Lt. Jerry John Rawlings, has lashed out at Ghanaians for being indisciplined when it comes to sanitation and has backed the Accra Mayor, Mohammed Adjei Sowah, to combat the filth that has engulfed the nation’s capital, Accra.
A number of sanitation inspectors led by the Mayor of Accra commenced their journey in a bid to make Accra the cleanest city in Africa as stated by President Akufo-Addo months ago.
The team began their journey in the early hours of Monday from the Ako Adjei Interchange through Ridge roundabout where they inspected facilities along that path to ensure that companies and individuals abide by strict environmental practices.
Before Ghana’s 50th anniversary the Metropolitan Assembly had city inspectors from the town council who combed the nook and cranny of every town and city to ensure that citizens tidy up their homes, but however, the project which was thought to be the best remedy to fighting Ghana’s filth was short lived.
Nonetheless years after, the AMA is reigniting the cleaning Ghana project titled ‘Sama Sama’ project where sanitation inspectors have been mandated to ensure a clean environment and penalize offenders.
During the inspection, three companies were served with warning notices and were given five days to tidy up. The Barclays social centre, the Independence Avenue, the new branch of Cal Bank were out rightly served with notice. The team’s verdict was based on inspections carried along the pedestrian walkway, lawns, outside and inside perimeters of the offices. As a way of encouragement, the team awarded members of the public who ensured that their environment was clean.
The residence of Rawlings which is located along the Independence Avenue was also part of the places the AMA conducted their inspection.
As the team made progress with their inspection they paid an unannounced visit to the residence of Rawlings where he articulated the significance of the project to the country.
“In our community we use to have the town council, Police, enforcement agencies and more. Go to the school compound right now, there is not a single policeman, a high sense of discipline is reflected in their compound to look as clean as it does”.
“This affects us in so many ways, if we are to talk about corruption then sanitation is part of corruption. Let’s take the fight to them for all to see so as to gain much respect for ourselves and the environment”.
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