2016 Jigwe Award winner, Rashidatu Mohammed whose controversial video popularized the term ‘malafaka’ has been arrested by police in Berekum in the Brong Ahafo region for leaking her nude video.
Dominic Donyina, a local journalist with Berekum-based Kris FM confirmed this to Adom News Tuesday.
The 18-year-old caused a stir on social media after her nude video was leaked.
Rashida Black Beauty as she is popularly known was seen displaying her private parts in the 2 minute explicit clip which has gone viral.
Reaction on social media has mostly been that of disappointment with many condemning the teenager who was once hailed for taking a jab at her ex-boyfriend.
Rashidatu Mohammed has since apologized, suggesting the video was not meant for the public.
But Dominic Donyina said a source at the police station said the young lady was interrogated about the leaked nude video and could be charged for indecent exposure.


  1. It seems the Police only act when people not highly placed in society like Rashida find themselves in trouble. When it comes to people like Adamu Sulley, EC official whose boss said he allegedly did illegal transfer of votes which to me is a felony compared to what Rashida has done, we don’t hear from the Ghana Police. What a democracy

  2. It serves her right! How could she at this age send such unwholesome video to an opposite sex claiming that he is a white and a lover to her or whatsoever . How would that person even draw his conclusions about Ghanaians especially our ladies. “A cow that hurriedly travels to America soon return home as corned beef”. Fair play Ghana police

  3. I’m very very disappointed in the police. They should try and arrest the corrupt leaders in the society not people like Rashida. Is she the first person to release a sex video? They are just been selective in issues in the society.