Some students under the shed

Pupils at the Fodome-Kordzeto Junior High and M/A Primary School continue to learn under the community-built shed with class attendance determined by weather patterns.

The sheds, which houses the JHS pupils, were erected about three years ago by the community.

After a visit by the Ghana News Agency (GNA) to the school, a day after a downpour, one would describe the floor of one of the classrooms for Primary one and two as a “pigsty.”

The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) Chairman of the School, John Adza, told the GNA that the community had to erect the structures for the JHS pupils when it was added to the school.

Students in Fodome-Kordzeto turn shed into classrooms

“Our children used to walk from Kordzeto to Fodome Helu, a distance of two kilometres apart, to access a JHS,” he said.

He said the structure was rebuilt after the community received five bundles of roofing sheets and metal bars from the then Parliamentary Candidate and now Member of Parliament, John-Peter Amewu following its collapse.

The only completed structure of the school is a classroom block built by Plan International, which houses the Kindergarten and the headteacher.

Mr Adza appealed to benevolent individuals and corporate institutions to come to the aid of the community to put up a structure for the school.

The classrooms become a playground for stray animals whenever school is not in session.

Attempts to get authorities of the School to speak to GNA proved futile since “they were directed not to speak to the media.”

GNA’s checks revealed that the School does not only lack classroom blocks but staff common room and teachers’ furniture.

Teachers relax in a bamboo-fenced structure, while others relax under trees during their free periods.

Bamboo improvised tables are used by teachers, which they move around due to the lack of furniture in the JHS classrooms during lessons.

Until a classroom block is constructed for the community, pupils would always be at the mercy of the scorching sun or get their lessons truncated whenever rainfall beckons.