Matthew Goodwin, a British author and political expert, was in a dicey situation when his prediction on the Labour party’s share in the polls was miscalculated.

The political expert had promised to eat his own book, Brexit: Why Britain voted to leave the European Union if the party got more than 38% in the UK elections 2017 and kept his word as he ate pages from his book on live television.

The video of the 35-year-old author chewing on his new book has been going viral as people are dumb-founded by him keeping his promise.

Matthew Goodwin had promised on Twitter that if his poll prediction for the UK Polls went wrong, he would eat his entire book on the separation of the UK from the European Union. Goodwin had predicted that the party would gain 38% votes.

However, Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party won 40.3% of votes and Matthew, a man of his words announced that he would eat his book on Sky News. The professor of politics at the University of Kent was filmed eating pages of his book on Live TV and answering questions of the news anchor with ease.

“Two percentage points makes a big difference, I am a man of my word, so what I am going to do is just sit here and eat my book, while you guys carry on,” he said as he began eating pages of his book and the video is impressing people on the internet. while it is normal for people to make unrealistic claims on the social media, very few go on to keep their words and Matthew Goodwin was clearly one of those rare few.

The University of Kent professor has co-authored the book that he was seen eating, ‘Brexit: Why Britain voted to leave the European Union’.

The author gave a sad thumbs up and spoke about the all the chemicals he would be ingesting on chewing these pages of the hardbound book. While people on the social media began to worry about the health effect of the act, the Sky News producer tweeted that Goodwin did not swallow the page he was munching on. Well, this incident clearly made Professor Goodwin and his book quite a celebrity!