A Prophetess by name Adwoa Nhyira has narrated the near-fatal ordeal she suffered in a polygamous home with her step-mothers who she says wanted to kill her and make her biological mother childless.

Adwoa Nhyira, born and bred in Takoradi, revealed her father overly pampered her mother at the expense of her rivals, a situation which put them in the bad books of the father’s senior wives.

She recalled how her step-mother was jealous of her mother and as result, devised plans to ‘finish’ them off because she was no longer getting the attention she craved for from her father.

Narrating her ordeal on Adom TV’s Badwam, Nhyira said one of her step-mothers dipped her in oil when she was just three months old in ostensibly to kill her and make her mother childless.

Nhyira who has since lost her hair said her account of the hot oil bath was based on eyewitnesses who saw her step mother carry out the act.

“According to reports by my mum she was bathing and I was in a baby’s cot in the corridor when she heard me screaming. She sprang out naked and when she came out, lo and behold, I was in the oil. My step-mother did all this because she had to kill her only child to make her suffer,” she narrated.


Nhyira who sounded superstitious on the show said the protection from her father’s 12-yard cloth in which she was wrapped, saved her life by preventing her skin from scaling.

Nhyira said she was bed-ridden for six years as a result of the burns, a period where metals had to be inserted into her body to straighten her hands, legs and chest because she was gradually becoming deformed.

According to Nhyira, her father stood by her stepmother in spite of the overwhelming evidence leveled against her, therefore, they fled Ghana for Monrovia in Liberia.

The ordeal, she narrated, prevented her from schooling for 10 years as she was deemed unfit for school, a situation she said made her the black sheep of her family.