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Prof Frimpong Boateng’s take on UTV attack


The immediate-past Environment Minister, Professor Kwabena Frimpong-Boateng, has condemned the invasion of the studios of Accra-based UTV by some thugs on Saturday, September 7.

The attackers are alleged to be members of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP).

According to the celebrated heart surgeon and founder of the National Cardiothoracic Center, this is not part of the avowed characteristics of the NPP.

However, he said this latest development is not surprising as impunity has now been allowed to fester and grow within the party.

He cited the attack on court in the Ashanti Region as a basis for his assertion as he insisted those individuals were not punished.

“I am puzzled that, a tradition that has long been associated with believing in the exchange of ideas, and respect for the rule of law will have its members attack a media house.”

“Perhaps, these thugs have taken a cue from how the government and the party have allowed impunity to fester and grow in the NPP.”

“If I recall, no one was allowed to be punished when similar groups went to the seat of government in the Ashanti region to attack the then-national security coordinator.

“Again, no one was made to face the law, when these brutes attacked a court in Kumasi making the lady judge who was sitting on that case run for her life in the full glare of the public,” Professor Frimpong-Boateng said in an opinion piece issued on Sunday.

The one-time presidential aspirant of the NPP, the current leaders of the party seem have to lost moral control of the members.

UTV Invasion

“These events have led many to believe, that leaders have lost the moral control of the party or they benefit from these barbaric acts. So, I ask, NPP HOW DID WE GET HERE?”

“I am equally amazed about how some members of the NPP are going about their daily routine as if they do not know the mood of the majority of Ghanaians and the potential danger awaiting the party in the near future.

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