Snapshot photo of Richie and Eazzy in music 'One Gal' video

Most music lovers were thrown into a state of shock when singer Eazzy parted ways with producer Richie’s Lynx Entertainment record label some years back.

Eazzy recently disclosed that she left the label because Richie wasn’t giving her the attention she deserved, hence her brand and works were not being projected that much in the entertainment sphere.

“It looked like all the attention was being given to Asem and I felt sidelined so we came to an amicable agreement and parted ways,” she disclosed.

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But producer Richie, who also confirmed there was an agreement, said Eazzy left because she wasn’t informed well.

According to him, he believes Eazzy would still be signed to his record label if he had showed her the blueprint he had for her music career.

He added that, he had learnt his lessons from that, hence he makes sure he communicates well with acts signed under his label.

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L-R: Asem, Eazzy and Producer Richie

“The effective communication makes things easier. If we had communicated things to Eazzy, she wouldn’t have left, she would have rejected any offer to leave.

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“We were kind of keeping artistes in the dark but now we break things down and let you know you will go into a fallow period. We sign you and let you know most artistes who succeed early make it after eight months. There are free shows you will have to play.

“Last year, Kuami Eugene released 12 videos from his album. In 2019, he has only released a video which is a song off the album. Six months down, he hasn’t released and he is not complaining because he is aware of the steps of the project.”

Source: | Dennis K. Adu