A priest has resigned from an Anglican Communion after accusing church elders of causing his divorce.

Rev Canon Lumen Cristi Eboh announced his resignation at a press conference.

He alleged that some forces in the church had caused his wife to leave him and they lodged her at an undisclosed place.

“I am only a priest permitted by my communion to enter the sacred institution of marriage. As a married man, I had very private moments with my wife and we shared endearing words just like every young couple.”

He accused his diocesan bishop of witch-hunt, land grabbing, and an attempt to arm-twist him into making him a member of a private ministry.

Eboh, who is also a radio and television evangelist, also accused the church of tempting him with women.

“With the crash of my marriage, I have sought to reorder my life, but those fighting me have even sent young women here in an attempt to use prospects of marriage to malign my character and reputation.”

This was after two women from his charismatic ministry accused him of impregnating them, an alegation that caused his suspension.

Eboh cited harassment, instigation and conspiracy by the diocesan authorities of the Anglican Diocese as reasons for his resignation.