Techiman City owner, Charles Kwadwo Ntim affectionately called Mickey Charles has stated that, the premier league clubs cannot dictate for all the league clubs in Ghana so they should shut up for the Normalization Committee to organize their competition.

The normalization committee which currently runs Ghana football after the introduction of their special tournament has announced the modalities and structure of the competition but the premier league clubs led by Nana Oduro Sarfo have raised concerns about the structure, the money involve, payment and also why 50% of the gate proceeds are going to the committee.

Mickey Charles believes the concerns raised by the premier league clubs are illegitimate and does not know why they think they superior than the division one league clubs.

“Any division one league club can become a premier club and any premier club can become a division one club, so it is wrong for the premier league clubs to think that, they are above the other clubs. Clubs like B.A United, Bofoakwa Tano, Kingfiesal, New Edubiase, Accra Greate Olympics and the others have been premier league clubs before so why the issue of I am a premier league club so I don’t like the format, division one clubs must engage in knockouts before the qualified teams are added to the premier teams?”

“We have played so many years in this country without money; I searched for my own money before playing a premiership football, there was nothing like sponsorship. The premier league clubs squandered 2 million dollars from Zylophone cash and also startimes without giving a pesewa to the division one clubs; they have been fighting for their selfish interest.” He stressed.

Club administrators and owners of Ghana Premier League clubs have threatened to boycott the upcoming GFA Normalization Committee Special Competition following what they call ‘unacceptable’ terms of proposal.

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