The President of the World Miracle Outreach Church, Dr Lawrence Tetteh, has urged Ghanaians and religious leaders to pray for wisdom and God’s guidance for the Electoral Commission (EC) and its Chairperson, Mrs Charlotte Osei, in the discharge of their duties to ensure fairness in the upcoming election.

He also asked for prayers for all the stakeholders that support the EC such as the EC staff, the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE), the security services and the society in their discharge of its duties.

At a press conference in Accra yesterday, Dr Tetteh also pleaded with the media to be circumspect in their reportage on the election.

“Desist from getting drawn into the banter of politicians; safeguarding your esteemed profession and your love for Ghana should be your guiding principle,” he added.

The evangelist advised the media to ensure their gate-keeping role to get the right agenda for the nation to be united with the message of hope and unity.


Dr Tetteh also admonished the clergy to be mindful of their predictions and utterances on who would win the December polls, stating that God already knew the winner because kings and leaders were enthroned by Him.

He rather urged members of the clergy to rise up to their responsibilities as men and women of God, and maintain their respect as spiritual gatekeepers of the land.

The renowned evangelist said predictions should be avoided so that the country would have a meaningful election devoid of political tension and unrest.

‘’As spiritual leaders, our core responsibility is to pray for our leaders and the nation, but not to predict election results. That is the work of the EC,” he said.

Walk the talk

Mr Tetteh appealed to presidential candidates of the various political parties to ensure that they “walk the talk”, adding, “It is the collective responsibility of the people of Ghana to present a massive united front to promote the peace and welfare of our beloved country.”

He noted that Ghanaians should cease to discredit leaders based on their past verbal abuse, use of intemperate language, character assassination, vain promises, violence and threats, as well as their culture of insult, but rather have confidence in them this time.

The evangelist concluded that “If my people, who are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I forgive their sins, and would heal their land,” (2 Chronicles 7:14), and invited Ghanaians to gather at the Osu Ebenezer Presbyterian Church in Accra for a three- day crusade to pray for Ghana.