Many may not know this part of me. My Master’s research was on the issue of “Politics and National Security”. My research findings revealed that our security agencies for investigation and enforcement are not adequately resourced to withstand a widespread outbreak of violence nationwide.

Well…this was a study in 2011 which in my opinion has been reinforced by the delta force court/jailbreak issue. And it is generally accepted with even the police admitting that they failed in their duty to secure the court by underestimating the situation.

The military is a defence force and cannot and should not be roped into everyday criminal law enforcement unless there is the real and present danger that threatens the peace and security of the state. So yea…a serious issue like Galamsey which threatens the very existence of the citizenry, if securitized can trigger military action.

The problem, however, lies with our law enforcement …the police. No research finding supports this but I can bet my last cedi on the fact that there are more ‘illiterates’ in the police service for efficient policing than necessary in the police service today.

If only politicians and the general public will stop interfering in police recruitments, I am sure some higher level of professional competence can be achieved in the police service.

Perhaps, we need in my humble opinion to redefine criminal law enforcement and the real role of the police. And as democracy is expensive, we need to strengthen and upgrade the knowledge of our police officers who must be of some basic academic standard. JHS and SHS leavers being trained to undertake very sensitive investigative and legal procedures as well as technical criminal law enforcement will not wash. A minimum academic exposure of Diploma from a technical university should be considered. A more stringent and upgraded academic and practical training regime may be looked at as well and dropouts must be thrown out without favour or distinction whatsoever.

We need a well-tooled police service. We need more knowledgeable police officers across the service. We need more efficient service delivery from the police.

Our society is breaking down and the spirit of impunity has taken over. Do you trust the police to protect you today? All the people I ask say no and I can’t blame them. I do have hope that things must and will change. If only the police will accept that they have failed and continue to fail in their duty to secure and protect the citizenry.

I am only but too upset with all the insecurities we continue to face including wanton attacks by mentally deranged and socially frustrated persons on the Judiciary, innocent citizens and the police themselves with impunity.

And oh, the Politician…the politicians and elected custodians of our democracy must open their eyes wide and see…see the degeneration of Ghanaian society and the frustration and insecurities the citizenry are facing each day. We can’t be productive like this…and compared to other countries, we simply can’t be competitive as a nation and as a people like this!

God bless our homeland Ghana and make us Great and Strong.

By: Senyo M. Adjabeng