Veteran Ghanaian actor Fred Amugi has stated that the assumption that Ghanaian politicians are enemies is completely false, describing them as people who come from the same womb.
Fred Amugi, who made an appearance on the satirical talk show on TV3, After Hours, also explained that his lack of interest in politics is as a result of the relationship he has established with various governments over the years.
He stated: “I hardly talk about politics because I am somebody who has worked with almost all our leaders there at the castle. It’s hard for any political party to convince me of what we can or cannot do. And something about all of them, I think they come from the same womb. Sometimes when they surface, is like they are enemies but behind the scenes, they are not…”
Fred Amugi also explained how he came close to being chosen as a Ga Chief but had to reject it because of his religion and social life.
“At some time in my life, some bird whispered to me they are calling for a meeting and that they will write you a letter, and I said yes I have that letter and she said then don’t go. It will actually tarnish my religious and social life.”


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