Mr Prosper Douglas Bani, Minister of the Interior, said he has hope in the Ghana Police Service to ensure peace during the December 7 elections.

He said Ghana had gone through six elections successfully and ensuring peace during the seventh one was not a new terrain for the Service.

The Minister, who was speaking at the National Police Regional Command Conference in Accra, urged the Police to ensure that the country remained unified, strong and stable after the elections.

The conference was to reaffirm the Command’s commitment to ensure peaceful elections. It was on the theme: “Reaffirming our commitment to ensuring a peaceful General Election in December, 2016.”

Mr Bani said: “I am confident in the Ghana Police Service that they will operate within the Constitutional provisions to deliver on security needs of the country.

“You must perform your duties creditably without any doubts on your ability to ensure peace.”

He urged the public to believe in all institutions mandated to ensure peace and transparent elections and accord them the necessary respect and support.

The Minister announced that the Ghana Police service would be beefed up with other security agencies and urged them to have uniform command to enhance cohesion on the election’s day.

“You must be prepared at all times, plan, analyse and gather intelligence and respond appropriately to any threat to national security  to retain the trust of the civilians,” he added.

He, therefore, warned groups or individuals preparing to disturb the peace of the country to desist because the men and women were prepared to combat their actions appropriately.

The Inspector- General of Police, Dr John Kudalor, said the determination and efforts of the political parties were undoubtedly going to pose a lot of challenges to them, as stakeholders, as had happened in the past in similar situations.

He said that nonetheless, the Police had always surmounted their tasks to ensure peace before, during and after elections with utmost admiration, thereby making Ghana the envy of all and had distinguished the country as glowing example on the African continent.

“As key stakeholders in this election there is the need also for us to work together as a team to ensure a safe and secure environment before, during and after elections.

“We all have to take note that, different environmental situations and prevailing circumstances in your areas of responsibilities may dictate different and appropriate responses on the operational ground,” he added.

“Our role as law enforcement organisation is to provide the requisite security coverage so as to create an enabling and conducive atmosphere for the electorates to go to the polls and exercise their constitutional rights as voters without any sense of insecurity, fear or hindrance.

Dr Kudalor, therefore, implored all Regional, Divisional, District and Unit Commanders to be proactive and innovative in the field to achieve their common mission of ensuring an accident free election.