Street CCTV cameras in Ghana
Street CCTV cameras in Ghana

Ashanti Region Police has revealed it will rely on CCTV footages recently mounted on principal streets of Kumasi to aid in investigating recent crimes.

There are concerns about rising cases of murder and armed attacks in the region.

The latest is the shooting of a young lady in her early 20s at Maxima Junction in Kumasi, Tuesday evening, by suspected armed men on a motorbike.

They bolted with her phone and shot her dead.

Police have commenced investigations, hoping footage from the CCTV cameras mounted in the area will help their course.

Public Relations Officer for Ashanti Region Police, Godwin Ahianyo told Luv FM’s David Akuetteh in an exclusive interview.

“Whatever happens within the metropolis wherever we have the cameras, we are able to visit the video footages and then when we analyze we are able to identify the culprits. For instance, when a vehicle is used we will definitely be able to identify that particular vehicle and track it to help get the perpetrators,” he said.

Mr Ahianyo also admonished the public to be security-conscious and avoid using dark areas or walk alone at night.

“While we are performing our mandate as a security agency, we advise all of us to also be mindful of the kind of places we go to and what we say. If you are a victim of crime, and you see that the people are armed and can harm you, your life is more precious than the valuable you are holding. We advise that you allow them to take the thing away since you are alive, God will provide,” he advised.