File photo: Gun

A police officer was recently shot dead while having sexual intercourse with his side chick in a bush in Mpumalanga.

TimesLIVE reported that sixty-year-old Judas Chiloane, a traffic chief, was allegedly gunned in the back seat of his Ford Ranger bakkie twice while his lover was unharmed.

The South African Police Service (SAPS) have confirmed the report and revealed two arrests have been made in connection with the murder.

The police spokesperson said “The two men told us that they would normally go to the spot [where Chiloane was shot dead] to rob couples who use the area to engage in sex in their cars.”

Sekgotodi added that the two suspected robbers ambushed Chiloane and his side chick and snatched away his gun before firing shots at his thigh and upper body.

The lady sought help, and when the police came, they declared their colleague dead at the scene.

A source in the police force revealed to TimesLIVE that Chiloane was found with no clothes, and his uniform was on the ground.

“They shot him in the leg. He tried [to] escape to the driver’s side, and he was shot again … The officer tried to speed off for about 124m but succumbed due to injuries sustained. It seemed like the suspect took his firearm and other items and [fled].”

Judas Chiloane’s brother Richard said they do not know this side chick he was with when he was murdered:

“We do not know that lady, I haven’t even seen her. What we know is that my brother was a good man who loved his family and was also a member of the Zion Christian Church (ZCC). He did not drink or was involved in anything wrong.”

He admitted that the father-of-three might have had lovers on the side, but the family only knew his live-in girlfriend.