Corporal Daniel Kwasi Ofori Appiah, Founder of the Watch Your Tongue (WYT), campaign team, has advised market women to maintain their customers and get prospective ones by improving their human relations through “watching of their tongues”.

“Watching your tongue” means using pleasant words, avoiding derogatory words, insults or name calling that demean an individual but respecting all people irrespective of their age, race or creed,” he explained.

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This was during one of the campaign events by the police officer and his team with market women at the Madina Ogbojo New Market in Accra under the WYT campaign.

Interacting with the market women, he said, the tongue was a small part of the body, but was the most powerful.

“As traders, the tongue is also an essential tool in your daily transactions therefore, the need for the education. Relationship between you and your customers can be cordial and maintain them depending on the kind of words used.”

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He said some people were losing their incomes and jobs due to their tongues and actions that spoke louder than words.

“Not only should you watch your tongues, but also live in harmony with your colleagues through their speeches and gestures,” he stated.

The Founder, who also works at the court of the law and a musician believes that right attitude in life and appropriate posts/inscriptions in the various media make the world a safer place.

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He said WYT was an on-going campaign to inculcate the habit of pleasant utterances among Ghanaians more especially.

The education programme touches on indiscipline in Ghana and vices such as fighting, hate speech, defamatory statements, so as to build the spirit of oneness and patriotism in the citizenry.

Corporal Appiah has observed that most people who ended up sending others to court or being dragged to court were as a result of unsavoury comments which led to provocation and the worse happened.

The initiative, he said would help prevent untoward circumstances caused by unpleasant remarks that can lead individuals or groups to face the law.

He added that indiscriminate and tribal statements, religious and unguarded pronouncements could also generate confusion and divide Ghanaians as a people, thus, the need to preach peace all the time.

WYT Campaign, he said was not going on only in Ghana, but also UK, Spain, USA, Dubai and called on all and sundry to support it.

He urged them to spread the “good news,” to enable them also live peacefully with the family and neighbours.

Madam Kate Dadzie, the queen for the market was happy about the gesture and said, it will transform their lives.

She noted that if all Ghanaians were mindful of their tongues, the nation would be a haven to live in with adequate development.


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