The Police Officer who assaulted a nursing mother at Midland Savings and Loans could be dismissed from the Police Service, Minister of Interior Ambrose Dery has said.

The officer, identified as Frederick Amanor, is seen in a video striking the woman, who was holding her baby, multiple times on the head, first with an umbrella, and then with his fists.

In an interview with Citi News, Mr. Dery condemned the act, saying “I do not see anything on the video that is sufficient for him to react that way to an unarmed woman.”

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The Minister indicated that the police officer could lose his job if nothing concrete beyond what was captured in the video is found.

“From what I have seen, this behavior is not in consonance with police professionalism. Disciplinary action must be taken and if nothing else extraordinary is found, he should be dismissed. He does not qualify to wear uniform…” Mr. Dery said.

The video of the incident which has since gone viral has enraged many Ghanaians who took to social media to express outrage. The Police officer has since been arrested.

The management of Midlands Savings and Loans has also condemned the assault.

The police officer is seen holding onto the woman and hitting her multiple times with an umbrella, as she tried to wrestle away.

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Some bystanders eventually rescued the baby from the incident as the officer drags the woman to the floor.

The officer also lands several punches to the head of the wailing woman who was reportedly at the bank to withdraw GHc 250.

Some incensed Ghanaians have demanded that the officer lose his job for assaulting the woman.


  1. The interoir Minister should be firm in this matter instead of saying that the police officer could loose his job .Ghanaians have had enough of Ghana police force molesting innocent Ghanaians with impunity.

  2. Please let the Minister be aware that we have the same serious case in Ho (Volta Region), when a police officer beat someone to death, which was sent to Royal hospital in Ho.

    Someone should take over this case.
    Nothing has been done about that.

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