Two suspected robbers, said to be on the police wanted list for some time now, have been gunned down in Accra.
They were shot on Friday afternoon when the police embarked on a swoop at their hideout.
They two have been identified only as Ramond alias Dragon, and Kwame alias Mafia.
The lifeless bodies of the two suspected robbers which were seen under a mango tree at the Accra Regional Police Command on Friday afternoon, attracted the attention of some police personnel, visitors to the command and people who passed by the station who tried to catch a glimpse of the said criminals.
According to the Accra Regional Police Commander, Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCOP) Mr George Alex Mensah, Raymond and Kwame exchanged gunshots with the police which led to the injury of one police man who was shot in the left arm.
He said Raymond who was wanted for his involvement in a robbery at the Agbogba filling station was also one of the armed men who facilitated the freeing of seven inmates from the Kwabenya Police Station, in Accra.
He is said that one of the inmates at the Kwabenya Police Station who was freed was an accomplice of Raymond during the robbery attack at Agbogba and Raymond and his friends planned to release him from the custody of the police before he released their names to the police.
The other suspect who was also gunned down was a member of the robbery gang which Raymond belonged to, according to the police.
Mr Mensah said their bodies would be taken to the Police Hospital morgue.