The police in Kotobabi, Accra, has invited the leadership of the Peoples’ National Convention to respond to complaints lodged with them by the party’s suspended General Secretary, Atik Mohammed alleging that his office has been tampered with.
The Vice Chairman of the party, Henry Asante, in a phone interview with TV3 Midday Live, confirmed that indeed the leadership was at the time of the interview at the police station to write their statement.
He explained that the suspended party General Secretary was given a 28th July ultimatum to pack out of the office premises but he refused. The leadership of the party upon the advice of the police went to change the lock of the office a few days ago, he explained.
The suspended General Secretary later came to the office with some media men claiming that the acting General Secretary had changed the keys. He then went ahead to report to the police.
The Vice Chairman expressed doubts as to what exactly the concerns of the suspended General Secretary were but was quick to add that he spearheaded the locking of the office as advised by the police.
He explained, “…so a complaint was made to the police, for whatever reason, the police also invited the party acting general secretary that Atik said he led the locking up of his office, so we are here this morning to prove to the world and the police that the secretary is innocent.”
“I led a delegation of three men to make sure the right things are done as prescribed by law”.
Henry Asante added that if Mohammed Atik continues to resist the suspension by NEC, they will continue to allow the law to take its course.
The General Secretary, Mohammed Atik was suspended on Saturday, July 22 after an extraordinary National Executive Committee for what NEC described as “gross misconduct” that brings the image of the party into disrepute.
He has since defied the sanction of NEC to stay in office claiming the suspension was unlawful, hence not binding.