Musician cum radio personality, Trigmatic believes female celebrities are at a disadvantage when it comes to marriage.
He asserts although the perception that many celebrities cannot get married may be true, the females are mostly affected since they may not be sure of the real intent of men who approach them.
Trigmatic further indicated that a female celebrity would want to remain in showbiz after marriage but attempts may be made by the husband who may feel threatened by her personality to change her career.
“The notion was that entertainers cannot marry. Perceptions are that we are not stable. To some extent, it is true but you also ask yourself if the person is showing interest in you because you are famous. I pity female celebrities because the guys would want to hold you like a trophy…” he said on The Delay Show.
Trigmatic got married to Dita Schandorf four months ago. According to him, they had been friends for two years, decided to date in the third year and eventually tied the knot.
Despite being a husband, he still receives messages from his female friends who appear to be sending signals of wanting to be Dita’s shoes but is not perturbed since he is able to handle it.
“There has been pressure, before and after the marriage. Some want to give you a hint so they add ‘honey’ or ‘dear’ to text messages. It’s worrying. They don’t care whether you’re married or not but it’s human. People get adventurous when they know there is danger. They are not emphatic but you can’t infer,” he said.