A 35-year-old woman has been arrested at the Ankaful Maximum Security Prison for attempting to smuggle a substance suspected to be marijuana known in local parlance as weed to an inmate.

The suspect, Memuna Mahama was said to have compressed the illegal drug in 15 tins of Mackerel for easy transportation.

Public Relation Officer for the Ankaful Prison, ASP Daniel Machator confirmed this to Adom News Thursday.

He said Memuna brought some items including the supposed mackerel so they decided to open it only to discover the tins contained marijuana which were factory sealed.

Upon interrogation, the suspect said she was asked to deliver the weed to an inmate called Victor Owusu who is serving 110 years in prison. 

However, ASP Machator said the suspect claimed she was given the parcel by an unknown person to be deliver to the inmate.

Based on this development, Memuna has been handed over to the Elmina police to assist in investigations.

The Ankaful Prison PRO also took the opportunity to advise the general public to be vigilant when given any item to be delivered to a prison inmate.

ASP Machator also warned anyone who delivers any illegal drug to a prison inmate will face the full rigorous of the law.

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