A soldier has been killed at Diaso in the Upper Denkyira West district of the Central region.

The officer whose name has been giving us Captain Maxwell Mahama was lynched by residents on suspicion of being an armed robber.

The late Captain Maxwell Mahama was a military officer with the 5th Infantry Batallion (5BN) at Burma Camp in Accra but on detachment duties at the Denkyira Boase of the Central region.

Captain Mahama who is the commander of the area military detachment according to his subordinates , was seen jogging along the main road and as he stopped by to ask some women for directions, the women saw a pistol on him.

The women who were alarmed by the discovery of the pistol on Captain Mahama mistook him for an armed robber thereby alerting their assembly member who allegedly organised some men to lynch him and even burnt him in the process

The women’s action is said to have been influenced by recent robbery attacks in the area with a recent one been a day before as the people in the mining town have been subjected to some serious robbery attacks.

The military officer was not in uniform when the incident happened as he is even said to have pleaded to the mob not lynch him indicating that he was an army officer and not a criminal but his plea was not taken by the mob who hit him with several objects including cement blocks until he died.

He was stoned and burnt by youth of the area who mistook him for an armed robber.

The body has since been conveyed to a health facility in the area but for fear of being attacked by the soldiers who may avenge his death, the youth have started fleeing the town realizing that the deceased was not a criminal as they thought.

Meanwhile, scores of armed military personnel have been deployed to Denkyira-Obuasi as they mount a search for residents said to have lynched the Captain in charge of the area.

A statement from the Ghana Armed Forces says “a high-powered fact-finding team led by the Chief of Army Staff is proceeding to the scene of the incident to ascertain the facts of the case.”

Ghana Armed Forces say they are collaborating with the police and other security agencies to bring perpetrators to book.

“GAF is working closely with the police and other security agencies to unravel the full facts of the case.”


  1. Woe unto those women and all those who were involved in this innocent man’s death. At least they should have listened to him and waited for proof. Instant justice can never be the solution. God forgive them but this shouldn’t go unpunished. May God comfort his family,

  2. It seems the constitution is not effective in this so called democracy.how could ordinary citizens take the law into their own hands to this extend.justice must prevail as said the constitution,they must not go unpunish.so sad I felt deep sorrow within.May the good Lord comfort his family.

  3. Comment:
    The perpetrators must definitely be found as videos are said to be in circulation, to be punished severely to serve as deterent to all. There must end to such brutal acts in this country.

  4. I will be very happy if the military will take the law into their own hands because if the live it to the police or other security services will be a foolish case sorry to use such words but is due to what I have seen…Where people kill their fellow human and then live to enjoy… GAF i plead with you to take action to the fullest

  5. Comment:This galamsey menace must end at all cost. The death of this young soldier must not be in vain. rip, Mahama

  6. Certain musicians in Ghana must be arrested. Particularly those who sing to encourage galamsey. They are influencing the youth negatively. Such songs must be banned as well.

  7. my deepest condolence to the family but this is insane …. he was a very sober man …. i salute you CAPTAIN…
    Your death will never be forgotten … if justice does not prevail GHANA is going at its worst.. Your Excellency , MR President NANA ADDO… KINDLY SEE TO THIS UNJUSTLY DEATH OF A SERVANT OF THE COUNTRY … I PLEAD TO YOU…. AM FILLEED WITH SO MUCH TEARS … REST IN PEACE CAPTAIN … I SALUTE YOU

  8. Comment: assuming he x an arm robber but is that the right thing they did? “Big No” suspects must be dealt with by the army not police self

  9. Captain God protect and guide your soul. You were with a gun and had the right to shoot but u loved the people you are serving and never shot anyone even at the point of death. You died a noble man , you died a legend, you died a hero. R.I.P

  10. Sometimes I wonder how people could be this cruel. Mahama’s death must be avenged no matter what. If it be possible the perpetrators should be given a Capital Punishment (Death Penalty). To the family of Mahama “BE STRONG!” We all share your grief.

  11. I hope that justice is delivered to the people who committed this abominable act.
    Also I hope his widow and family can find solace. My heart goes with you.

  12. Inshaa Allah in this fasting time this Ramadan Kareem.may Allah arrest all does people who killed this innocent man this fine man .oh o very bad Ghana may Allah protected his family Rip. you cant create but you can killed. bad people. Brother sleep well may Allah be with you inshaa Allah

  13. Comment:it’s unimaginable, a soldier having gun on him will allow himself to be subjected to this horrific act.Maxwell, you could have kill dozens of them but like Jesus Christ you preferred to lay your life down and save them.You’re indeed a hero even though you’re gone.How i wish God will give you a second chance to come back to life.I am down

  14. It is heart wrenching to see such video. The question l ask myself is during that time, noboby asked what the innocent man has stolen. l believe the people in that community most of them are sick in the head. l also strongly believe that lack of education is killing them. finally, we should all learn a big lesson out of this by allowing educated people to stand for assamble and unit commitee election because the assamble man and the unit commitee members were part of it. Conclution the police should nab all those who were around and allow the law to deal with them. Bro Mahama, RIPP.

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