Some youth at Sakumono Village in the Tema West Municipality want a fetish priestess who resides in the neighbourhood forcefully ejected.

Last Friday, a resident, Barnabas Apronti was allegedly attacked in the area close to the priestess’ residence.

As a result of the attack, he had blood oozing from his nose with swollen lips and cheeks and he complained of severe headache.

The assaulted man then reported the issue to the Sakumono police station and was given a medical form to go to the hospital.

Late that evening another resident, Paa Kwesi nearly lost his life after being allegedly chased by machete-wielding bodyguards of the priestess when he went around the area.

Paa Kwesi’s bloody pillow

While escaping, he fell down and one of his assailants slashed the left side of his shoulder leaving him with a deep cut ad blood oozing all over the place.

Paa Kwesi is yet to report the incident to the police because some victims of alleged attacks from the bodyguards were turned away when they went to report at the Sakumono police station.

“We have no place of convenience here and tend to use a piece of land down there. But since the priestess arrived in the neighbourhood, her bodyguards have unleashed terror on us,” he said.


“Just look at my pillow and it is all soaked with blood. We are helpless at this point. Those who could protect us are backing the priestess,” he lamented.

The situation took a different turn on Saturday morning when some irate youth with their assembly member, Richmond Sorgbordzor, decided to confront the priestess and her guards over the attacks.

They were met with armed policemen who stormed the area, fired tear gas as well as warning shots and arrested some of the irate youth.

A lot of the residents have reported various complaints to the hospital after they were allegedly brutalised by the police.

The angry youth told Joy News that the police’s action poses a security threat in the area.

“Even the aged are not spared. What does the priestess want from us?” Mr Sorgbordzor inquired.

The residents are asking Wetlands Division of the Forestry Commission to investigate the matter as the priestess’ residence is within the Ramsar site.

The police, however, did not respond immediately as the Baatsona Divisional Command which oversees the area says it will respond on Monday.